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2017 Miss Iowa

Pageant Details & Contestant Application

How to Become a STATE FINALIST
Is there a FEE to Participate?
How to Prepare for the Pageant
The National American Miss Difference

PRINCESS (Ages 4-6)    -   JR. PRE-TEEN (AGES 7-9)   -   PRE-TEEN (AGES 10-12)   -   JR. TEEN (AGES 13-15)   -   TEEN (AGES 16-18)

How to Become a STATE FINALIST...


To get started, you will need to submit your on-line Official Application as soon as possible.  Simply click the "Submit Your Application" button below, after you have completely read this information page.  Please note, the deadline to submit an application for this summer's Miss Iowa pageant is approaching soon.  You must submit your application promptly in order to be considered to participate in the 2017 pageant.  Furthermore, if you are selected as a State Finalist, you will immediately receive materials in the mail that will guide you in your pageant preparations.  It is imperative that you receive your materials soon, for the best pageant experience. 


When filling out your Application, please ensure that all information is honest and accurate.  Our selection committee reviews each Application and will call you personally within 2 business days to notify you if you have become a Miss Iowa State Finalist.  Please make sure you have provided us with your best contact phone number.  Also, you and your family will want to read the Rules and Regulations on the Application before submitting it, as you must also meet these guidelines to qualify.  You do not need prior pageant or modeling experience in order to participate, OR to become the next Miss Iowa for your age division!  If selected as a State Finalist, you are a representative of National American Miss and agree to conduct yourself as a positive role model and to demonstrate superior sportsmanship.

Is there a Fee to Participate?


Like many extra-curricular activities, there is an entry fee.  This allows National American Miss to produce a quality event and to offer exceptional prizes to our Contestants.  Fortunately, each Contestant can raise her entry fee if she chooses.  How? By acquiring Sponsors.  Sponsors can be family members, friends or local businesses that wish to donate towards your entry fee. The entry fee (also known as "Sponsor Fee"), is $550 and can be paid in installments.  Please note, if you or your family would prefer to pay the Sponsor Fee yourselves, you are not required to get Sponsors. However, this is a great option!

Each Sponsor that donates is listed next to your headshot in the State Pageant Yearbook, which is distributed out pageant weekend.  Businesses especially enjoy this, as their company is receiving recognition for having helped you, and their donation is tax deductible as an advertising expense.  If selected as a State Finalist, you will receive brochures to provide to your potential Sponsors to assist you in your efforts to raise your Sponsor Fee.  Helpful tip: If ten people sponsor you for $55 each, your entire Sponsor Fee is paid! 

How to Prepare for the Pageant...


State Finalists will receive 3 colorful magazines to help them in their pageant preparations.  All information covered in these magazines is very thorough. Additionally, you will receive hands on training during the pageant; at rehearsals, plus a workshop is offered pageant weekend.  We want each State Finalist to feel comfortable with the stage and to know what is expected of her prior to each competition.  Furthermore, you are always welcome to call the office and our helpful staff can guide you in your pageant preparations. 

Should you have any questions that were not covered here, please contact your State Pageant Headquarters:

(402) 895-4404


The National American Miss Difference...



National American Miss is a pageant experience designed for TODAY’S GIRL! That is why there is NO make-up allowed on contestants ages 4-12, and there is NO swimsuit competition, ages 4-18.  Furthermore, you are not required to perform a talent routine. However, National American Miss does offer a variety of exciting optional contests, such as Talent, Casual Wear Modeling, Top Model, Actress, Spokesmodel and more, which allows each participant to “customize” her pageant experience. These optional contests are not required and are judged by a separate panel of pageant judges. Plus, the optional contests have no bearing on who will become Miss Iowa for her age division.  The required competitions for each age division include, Personal Introduction, Interview and Formal Wear.  

Young ladies participating at National American Miss do NOT need prior pageant or modeling experience, as we equip you with valuable training tools to succeed in every area of competition.  Whether you want to pursue a career in the entertainment industry, or in business, you will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to reach your future goals.  National American Miss is not a “beauty” pageant.  It is about so much more!  Young ladies choose to participate in our program for a variety of personal goals.  You may want…

  • To learn how to conduct yourself in an interview so that future jobs are more attainable

  • To gain more self-confidence and valuable communication skills

  • To acquire a comfortable stage presence, or feel more confident when making a presentation to a room full of people

  • To condition your skills as an Actress, Model or Spokesperson and meet some of our judges who work in these industries  

  • To make new friends with girls across your home state who may have similar interests to your own

  • To try something new and FUN!

Pageant Information for Miss Iowa

Five Sullivan Brothers Convention Center​
200 W 4th St
Waterloo, IA 50701
Exceptional ladies from across your state are being selected as State Finalists to compete for more than $25,000 in cash, trophies and prizes this summer! Selection is based on the content of your fully completed application, as well as your sincere desire to be an outstanding role model.


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