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  • This is your chance to shine on stage and perform a talent of your choosing.

  • You will enter the stage center-back opening.

  • The MC will be reading about you as upbeat music plays in the background.

  • Advance to the location where you would like to begin your performance (if you have music, it will start once you are in place and still)

  • At the podium deliver your speech (pageant staff will have already placed a copy of your speech at the podium for you).

  • When finished, smile, and exit the stage via the opening behind the podium.

Watch video samples to see of the talent

attire & RULES

  • Only live solo performances.

  • Contestant is the only person allowed on stage

  • Time limit 2 minutes and starts when your music starts or you start performing, whichever is first.

  • No gymnastic apparatuses

  • May not engage in a talent that may increase the hotel liability or pose a safety or health hazard issue to anyone, such as archery or fire. NAM reserves the right to disallow any performance that the director or hotel deems unsafe.

  • Music must be on a CD. Electronic Devices (iPod, mp3 player, laptops, etc.) will not be accepted.

  • Make-up is allowed for all age groups, as long as it is keeping in theme with the outfit and/or performance and is age appropriate

entry fee

  • $150 per entry

  • Limit 2 entries

Click here to sign up for TALENT

NAM Provides

  • Stage (min. size 12' x 24')

  • MC

  • CD player and operator

  • Microphone (handheld, mic in a stand, or headset)

  • Podium

  • Electric piano* in select locations. (contact your state director's office for availability)



  • Entry fee paid in the talent contest at the national pageant in Orlando, FL ($175 value)

  • $125 credit into the National All-American Pageant in Orlando, FL

  • Talent winner premium trophy

4 runner-ups

  • Golden ticket invitation to the National All-American Pageant in Orlando, FL

  • Trophy

all participants

  • Talent participation ribbon

  • 1 credit towards Spirit of America award


There will be a scheduled time where the stage will be available on a first-come-first serve basis to practice.

If you are attending the rehearsal, you will take your music with you after you have practiced and bring it back with you to the talent competition.

You bring

  • Talent outfit

  • Music, if applicable (CDs should be well labeled with your name and track number. You will bring this with you to your competition)

  • If you have an accompanist (piano*, guitar, etc.) they will be located off stage. 

  • Talent card (located in your pageant paperwork. This card will be submitted at pageant check-In and handed back to you just prior to the talent event)

On pageant weekend you will submit the corresponding check-in form for each Premium Optional Contest found here.

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