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Have you ever dreamt of being an actress? Here is your chance to give it a try!

  1. You will take your mark at the microphone.

  2. The MC will prompt you to "slate", you'll respond by saying just your first and last name.

  3. The MC will cue you with "action", you'll deliver the commercial of your choice from the approved list.

  4. After you are finished, the MC will say "cut, and for your second take", you'll then deliver the same commercial again

  5. As you see, you will get 2 "takes" to deliver your commercial and the judges will score the take they like best.

Watch video samples to see of the actress'

attire & RULES

  • Attire for all age divisions is the Official National American Miss Production Number T-Shirt & Socks, Denim Shorts, & Tennis Shoes.

  • You must choose from one of the approved actress commercials.

  • No noticeable deviation from the script is allowed.

  • No props.

  • Make-up is allowed for all age groups, as long as it is keeping in theme with performance and is age appropriate.

entry fee

  • $100 per entry

  • Limit 2 entries

NAM Provides

  • Stage

  • Microphone

  • Mic Stand



  • Entry fee paid in the actress contest at the national pageant in Orlando, FL ($175 value)

  • $125 credit into the National All-American Pageant in Orlando, FL

  • Actress winner premium trophy

4 runner-ups

  • Golden ticket invitation to the National All-American Pageant in Orlando, FL

  • Trophy

all participants

  • Actress participation ribbon

  • 1 credit towards Spirit of America award


There will be a scheduled time where the stage will be available on a first-come-first serve basis to practice.

You bring

  • Official NAM production number outfit

  • Actress card (located in your pageant paperwork. This card will be submitted at pageant check-In and handed back to you just prior to the actress event)

Click here to sign up for ACTRESS

On pageant weekend you will submit the corresponding check-in form for each Premium Optional Contest found here.

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