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  • State Guidebook is your starting point for giving you all the info about NAM.

  • The Sponsor Tips will provide you with ideas on raising your sponsor fee.

  • The Sponsor Brochure is great to send to potential sponsors to inform them about NAM. You can download it & include it in an email, copy & paste the link and put in a text message, or print it off and take it directly to them!

  • If a sponsor requests a receipt, print off the Sponsor Receipts to provide them with one.

  • The Press Release is a fun way to alert your local news that YOU have been selected as a State Finalist. Print this off and send it to your local newspaper.

  • If you prefer to mail your payment(s), please use the Mailing Payment Form.

The material & resources listed below is everything you need to prepare for your State Pageant!

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