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  • This is your chance to make your state pageant yearbook extra special! The State Yearbook consists of two main sections. (1) the Contestant Pages that show each contestant in each age division and (2) the fun and custom Feature Pages. You, your family, friends, and businesses all have a chance to buy a full-color feature page to showcase you, a local business, and even write you a personal message. The feature pages are optional and have no bearing on the overall scores.

  • All feature pages must be submitted to your state office prior to the deadline provided to you by your state director’s office.

  • Feature pages are 8.5" x 11"

  • Feature pages are printed in color

  • Feature pages are sold in whole page increments and cannot be divided

  • You will design and layout out each page exactly how you want it to look in the yearbook and submit it in its print-ready form.

  • Pages must be submitted in their final form, known as "camera-ready".

  • The Feature Pages are replacing the spotlight program.

entry fee

  • $300 per page

  • Entry Limit: None

NAM Provides

  • Each contestant receives a complimentary copy of the state yearbook at Pageant Check-In




  • Exclusive invitation to compete as a City Queen for the National All-American Miss Title this November in Orlando, FL

  • The contestant in each state’s age division who sells the most pages will be crowned as a State Cover Girl and be part of the state’s royalty for the year.

  • You must sell a minimum of 7 pages to qualify for this State Cover Girl Title.

all participants

  • Every contestant who sells at least one feature page will be presented with an award LIVE on stage at her state pageant.


There is no rehearsal for this event

You bring

  • There is nothing to bring to the pageant for this event

  • Everything is done before your state pageant.


  • Pictures submitted on feature pages must be age-appropriate.

  • Mesages submitted on feature pages must be age-appropriate.

  • Age-appropriate makeup is allowed for all age divisions

  • Businesses who buy a feature page must be appropriate for the event.

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