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Experience what an audition would be like if you wanted to become a red carpet media correspondent on television, interviewing celebrities and reporting LIVE from red carpets for major awards shows and events. 

Judges will be observing your ability to be both enthusiastic and professional when delivering your lines.

•    You will walk into the video studio dressed as a red carpet correspondent to film your “red carpet audition”.

•    Once in front of the camera, the camera operator will cue you with “Action” and you will recite the script provided. This must be memorized.
•    When you are done, you will have one more “take.” This means that you will have another opportunity to recite the script again. The judges will score the “take” they like the best.
•    The camera operator will be recording while you recite your script.

attire & RULES

  • Attire for all age divisions is age-appropriate of your choice

  • The script must be memorized

  • No noticeable deviation from the script is allowed.

  • No props.

  • Make-up is allowed for all age groups, as long as it is keeping in theme with performance and is age-appropriate.

NAM Provides

  • Script - See Below

  • Video operator

  • Video studio set



•    Exclusive Invitation to The International Competition in Orlando, FL
•    Entry fee paid for the International Red Carpet Media Correspondent contest in Orlando, FL ($175 value)
•    $125 credit toward the National All-American Pageant at Internationals in Orlando, FL
•    Award


4 runner-ups

•    Exclusive Invitation to The International Competition in Orlando, FL
•    Award


all participants

  • 1 credit towards Spirit of America award


There is no rehearsal for this event

You bring

•    Outfit of your choice
•    Red Carpet Media Correspondent Card (located in your pageant paperwork), which will be submitted at Pageant Check-In and used by our staff to schedule your Red Carpet Media Correspondent time.

entry fee

  • $100 per entry

  • Limit 2 entries

Click here to sign up for MEDIA COORESPONDANT

On pageant weekend you will submit the corresponding check-in form for each Premium Optional Contest found here.

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