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There are two ways sponsors can contribute to your sponsor fee.

1.  Sponsors can write you a check.  You will then bring that check to the pageant prep. 
Checks should be made out to "National American Miss"

2.  Sponsors can make payments online using a credit card at TBD.


1.    First of all, please bring a positive attitude and be ready to make new friends. At the pageant prep, you will be meeting the other State Finalists from your area who will be attending the pageant!

2.    Next, you will bring the first half of your sponsor fee. The first half of your sponsor fee is $325. We will be accepting cash, checks, money orders, or major credit/debit cards at the pageant prep training session. Remember, your Open Call magazine has a helpful guide for sponsors. There are tools below that you can download to assist you when you talk to potential sponsors. 

3.    Finally, we will be teaching you stage and modeling techniques at the pageant prep training session, so if you wish, you can bring a pair of dress shoes to practice in, similar to the pair that you may wear in the pageant.  Anyone can wear flats at the pageant, there is no rule that older girls or anyone for that matter wear heels. However, for Princess, Jr. Pre-Teen & Pre-Teen shoes should be small heels or flats that complement your dress.  The younger age divisions should not be wearing big heels.  



We offer the pageant prep to contestants so they feel prepared, have an opportunity to practice, and get advice and instruction. The teachers of the pageant prep have competed and/or judged on the local, state, and national levels!! These coaches pride themselves on connecting with each contestant along with helping you feel “ready” for the exciting pageant weekend ahead!!

The pageant prep is included in your sponsor fee!  You will be taught all the necessary skills for pageant weekend including how to use a microphone effectively, modeling techniques, interviewing and speaking skills, and much more! 

You will learn and practice Formal Wear, Personal introduction, and Interview.  As you practice the pageant prep teacher will fill out a report card for you so you know what you need to work on to prepare for pageant weekend. 

WHAT TO wear

Casual clothes are fine for this event.


The pageant prep will last about 2 hours.

What if i can't attend?

You can see all the pageant preps for your state at  If you are unable to attend any of those pageant preps, please email us at and we will go over all the options with you.

  • The Open Call Magazine is your starting point for giving you all the info about NAM.

  • The Sponsor Tips will provide you with ideas on raising your sponsor fee.

  • The Sponsor Brochure is great to send to potential sponsors to inform them about NAM. You can download it & include it in an email, copy & paste the link and put in a text message, or print it off and take it directly to them!

  • If a sponsor requests a receipt, print off the Sponsor Receipts to provide them with one.

The material & resources listed below is everything you need to prepare for your State Pageant!

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