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The Runway Model Search is a unique two-part optional contest that provides powerful real-world modeling and fashion show experience. First, participants  will attend the “Official Runway Training Camp.” This training camp will be led by a modeling expert and will teach contestants valuable runway modeling techniques. Next, participants will take to the runway for the contest which will run like a LIVE FASHION SHOW. She will model a fashion-forward outfit of her choice, competing in front of the judges as she walks the runway! 

Scoring is based on the contestant’s ability to demonstrate professional runway modeling skills.

•    First: Attend the "Runway Training Camp" dressed in jeans and a black top.

A runway modeling expert will guide you through the exact layout and provide runway tips. This is not scored, but will provide insight and is an example of what a modeling
“Go-See" is like.

•    Second: Strut your stuff, wearing a fashion-forward outfit, on the runway.


attire & RULES

  • Attire for all age divisions is age-appropriate outfit of your choice.

  • Choose shoes that you can confidently walk in

  • No props

  • Make-up is allowed for all age groups, as long as it is keeping in theme with performance and is age-appropriate.

NAM Provides

  • Runway stage

  • Emcee

  • Runway modeling expert

  • Music for event



•    Exclusive Invitation to The International Competition in Orlando, FL
•    Entry fee paid for the International Runway contest in Orlando, FL ($175 value)
•    $125 credit toward the National All-American Pageant at Internationals in Orlando, FL
•    Award


4 runner-ups

•    Exclusive Invitation to The International Competition in Orlando, FL
•    Award


all participants

  • 1 credit towards Spirit of America award


Official Runway Training Camp

You bring

•    Black top and jeans for the training camp
•    Runway modeling outfit of your choice for the contest
•    Runway Model Card (located in your pageant paperwork), which will be submitted at Pageant Check-In and used later by our staff during this competition.

entry fee

  • $150 per entry

  • Limit 2 entries

Click here to sign up for RUNWAY MODELING

On pageant weekend you will submit the corresponding check-in form for each Premium Optional Contest found here.


As part of the entry fee for the optional Runway Modeling competition, you get access to the Runway Bootcamp. At the BootCamp, you will learn the walking pattern, modeling techniques, turns, poses, and more!  The Bookcamp will last about an hour. 

If you want to add the Runway Modeling competition and get access to the Bootcamp, you may add it at your pageant check-in.

Date & Time of the Bootcamp:

HERE to download the schedule for your state and age division.

Attire for the Bootcamp:

The magazine reads to wear a black top and jeans to the Bootcamp.  That is welcome, but not required

Go HERE for all the details of the Runway Modeling Competition

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