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casual wear





  • Use free style modeling turns and poses as you strut the stage.

  • There is not set pattern you have to walk, it is completely up to you.

  • You will be shown where to enter and exit prior to the competition.

  • When the MC finishing reading your MC card, you will exit the stage.

Watch video samples to see of the casual wear

attire & RULES

  • Perfect beginners modeling contest

  • Free style modeling, no set routine or walk

  • Outfits can be themed to show your personality or interests

  • Competition is fun and upbeat, not pouty or demure

  • No tumbling, acrobatics, gymnastics, fire, or live animals

  • Props are allowed, but must keep in theme of outfit

  • Glitzy, over the top outfits are not appropriate

  • No swimsuits

  • Make-up is allowed for all age groups, as long as it is keeping in theme with the outfit and/or performance and is age appropriate

entry fee

  • $100 per entry

  • Limit 2 entries

NAM Provides

  • Stage

  • MC

  • Music



  • Entry fee paid in the casual wear contest at the national pageant in Orlando, FL ($175 value)

  • $125 credit into the National All-American Pageant in Orlando, FL

  • Casual Wear winner premium trophy

4 runner-ups

  • Golden ticket invitation to the National All-American Pageant in Orlando, FL

  • Trophy

all participants

  • Casual Wear participation ribbon

  • 1 credit towards Spirit of America award


There will be a scheduled time where the stage will be available on a first-come-first serve basis to practice.

You bring

  • Outfit of your choice.

  • Casual Wear card (located in your pageant paperwork. This card will be submitted at pageant check-In and handed back to you just prior to the casual wear event)

Click here to sign up for CASUAL WEAR MODELING

On pageant weekend you will submit the corresponding check-in form for each Premium Optional Contest found here.

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