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Your deadline date is provided in the training material you should receive in the mail. It is imperative that you have the below items submitted to us by this deadline. 

By your deadline date, you are required to have the following items submitted to our state pageant office!


Each State Finalist will be featured in the State Pageant Yearbook with her photo and name. Alongside this, her sponsors will be listed. In order to acquire this information, you will need to head submit this info by the deadline. Here is a sample of what this will look like. Click below to submit this info:


You will need to notify us of what Premium Optionals you are wanting to participate in by the deadline, so that we can plan accordingly for time. To reserve your spot in any Premium Optional, email us at, including the contestants name, state, age division, and what optionals you want to participate in OR call us at 402-881-8744. You do not have to pay for them now. You will pay at your State Pageant Check-In. As a refresher, click the link below.


The remainder of any of your payments will need to be paid by Pageant Check-In during Pageant Check-In, or anytime prior. You can pay in cash, credit, debit, or money order. However, no checks will be accepted  after your deadline date. If you or your sponsors would like to may any payments online, they can go here:


The Optional Spotlight Program is a wonderful opportunity for our State Finalists to be Spotlighted by those that love her the most (friends, family, local businesses, community, etc.) Through participation in this optional contest, girls will be spotlighted in print (in our State Yearbook), on stage (during the Spotlight Ceremony), and with great awards like trophies, crowns, free hotel nights. Spotlight entries & payment need to be submitted by the Deadline. For details on the Spotlight Program, refer to the Optional Spotlight Guide by clicking here:

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